Glowforge Exhaust Pack

Glowforge Exhaust Pack

This is our Glowforge Exhaust Pack. We created this pack to bundle up some of the more important addons for your exhaust system. As you know, your exhaust system for your Glowforge is critical for good cuts and clean air. With this pack, you will be getting some essentials that we feel increase the value of our Glowforge experience and are created with strong recyclable plastic at a reasonable price. This pack includes the following:


 - Two (2) 4" exhaust hose hangers. The hangers make it really easy to straighten out your dryer hose making sure you have the best ventelation possible from your Glowforge. These can be mounted with small screws (not included) or double sided tape (that's what we use). 


- One (1) 4" exhaust port extender for your Glowforge. The extender for the back of the Glowforge brings the length out about an inch from OEM. This allows you to easily hook/unhook your exhaust hose. It is made from strong recyclable plastic and will last many years.


This pack can be created in many colors. If you don't see a color you want, please reach out to us and we will do what we can to accomodate your request.


What this pack DOES NOT include is the actual dryer hose. We do not sell them or include them. We suggest searching Amazon for some nice quality hose and then purchasing this pack to complete your system.

  • Items may vary from photos slightly

    We custom make each one of these items and sometimes the materials (both wood and plastic) vary slightly in color. With that being said, the product(s) you receive may vary slightly in color from the images posted here. All items you receive will match each other as we use the same material for each run. Normally this wouldn't even come up but in an effort to be fully transparent we felt like we should mention this.

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