Comedic Custom Garden Stake Set

Comedic Custom Garden Stake Set

WARNING: Adult Language present on this item


This is a set of our high quality custom garden stakes. This set includes 20 comedic sayings and a very nice custom storage box. The box can be custom inscribed with a name or a saying. The garden stakes are laser cut by order. Each order is cut from a single piece of wood and then sealed. By doing this, the stakes take on unique characteristicsmaking them one of a kind. The stakes measure approximately 5.6" tall and 4.8" wide at the widest point.


This set includes the following garden stakes:


Bloody Mary Garnish

Stayin' Alive

Sill Alive Barely

I Forgot

Definitely Weeds

Devil's Lettuce

Mojitos in Training

Something Green

No Idea

Flower of Some Sort


Not Dead yet

F#ck If I Know


Honestly Who Knows

Shit Happens

High Hopes

Probably a Plant

Not Sure

Grow Dammit!


We offer the option to keep the wood all natural or we can coat it with a water proof sealant. The sealant does leave a slight chemical smell however it will cause the stakes to last longer and repel moisture. 


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  • WARNING Adult Language

    Please be aware there is some adult language on a couple of the garden stakes.