3DPrinted Multi Colored Vase with Faux flowers

3DPrinted Multi Colored Vase with Faux flowers

This is a 3D printed, multi-colored vase with Faux flowers. These are a top seller at our weekend farmers market stand and we are now selling them online. Each one is unique as the plastic filament changes color during production. This ensures that while some vases may look similar, they are 100% unique.


The vase is weighed down with decorative rocks inside to give it a nice, sturdy weight. The flowers are Faux so they will last forever and the vase is made from recycled plastic so that will last a lifetime as well. These vases look great in direct sunlight and are sure to be a great gift and conversation starter.


Mothers day is coming up and supply is getting limited so if this is something you would like to get for your awesome monther, order now to ensure delivery prior to mothers day.


We cannot gurantee specific colors/color combinations however when ordering, you can specify the color you would like us to try and match closest. These are random colors when produced and we have little influence over the colors they turn out as. This is what makes them unique and one of a kind.


Please note, these vases will not hold water and are for decoration only.

  • Local Pick Up

    If you are near the Georgetown Texas area and would like to pick up your vase at our location or at the farmers market on the weekend please send us a message prior to ordering so we can give you a discount code. The code is only available if the item is not shipped.

  • Product Contents

    This sale is for 1 silk random colored vase, 3x Faux flowers and decorative rocks for weight in the vase.

Requests Color (Not guranteed)
Flower Color